Binary Testing specializes in providing independent testing, evaluation and validation services across a broad spectrum of IT network technologies. Since its inception, Binary Testing has grown to be become the foremost testing lab in the UK and offers a wealth of knowledge and experience from experts that have been at the cutting edge of the IT industry for many years.

The lab environment has been designed and built with the aim of offering customers the best hardware and most up to date facilities. We work closely with a choice selection of blue chip vendors and offer a wide range of network servers and workstations for conducting custom testing.

The lab’s networking infrastructure was 10-Gigabit enabled in 2008 and also provides FC SAN facilities over fibre optic cabling. Binary Testing has been actively involved in IP SAN product testing and reviews since 2004 and has the facilities to test this network storage technology over Gigabit and 10-Gigabit networks.

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Binary Testing Partners with Ixia

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The lab has developed relationships with some of the foremost network performance testing vendors and is proud to announce its partnership with Ixia ( Established in 1997, Ixia delivers the industry's most comprehensive converged IP services testing solutions ranging from the wireless edge to the Internet core.

Binary Testing has taken delivery of Ixia’s Optixia XM2 chassis equipped with two Xcellon-Ultra NP blades. This equipment is now being offered as part of our enterprise lab performance testing facilities and includes the full Ixia software test suite comprising products such as IxExplorer, IxLoad and the IxAutomate suite of over 90 tests.

More information about the Xcellon-Ultra NP load modules is available here

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Data Deduplication Testing Services
One of the hottest technologies in the network storage industry is data deduplication. The list of vendors that are implementing this in their virtual storage appliances and backup products is growing exponentially and yet few have the means to test the efficiency of their particular solutions.

Binary Testing has developed a suite of tests specifically to determine the efficiency of data duplication algorithms and to show precisely what storage capacity savings these products can achieve. The tests represent an experimental method which truly reflects real world scenarios and do not depend on extrapolations or projections based on limited testing.

These have been developed to test three popular business applications and can be run against file servers, SQL Server and Exchange Server. Each test is uniquely capable of manipulating changes to the test data at a known rate and quantity.

For file servers the tests can change any percentage of data within any percentage of files and these can also be applied within SQL database rows and Exchange emails. Consequently, vendors can request a specific set of changes to data allowing them to replicate virtually any type of business environment and data usage model. The tests are all fully automated using a combination of Visual Basic and VBScript.

Deduplication is implemented at the data backup stage and the test suite can use any backup product as requested by the vendor. It can simulate all types of backup strategies and the automation scripts allow the tests to run over any number of weeks or months.

Despite the number of deduplication technologies currently on the market very few can make solid claims backed up by rigorous testing about the ratios and capacity savings they can achieve. Our deduplication testing suite can clearly show potential customers the benefits of a vendor’s solution and as part of our service are presented in custom designed report complete with a review of the product.

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Binary Testing has provided reports that we have since used extensively throughout our organization and in our marketing programs. We were impressed on a number of levels as Binary Testing delivered what was promised, on time and at a high quality that is rare these days and was appreciated.
David Ball, Director,
Channel Marketing, Computer Associates