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Dave Mitchell, Director
Founder of Binary Testing Ltd, Dave has over 40 years of experience in the IT industry starting his career working on mainframe computers including ICL and Unisys. He has worked within the pharmaceutical, services and corporate financial sectors and prior to moving into freelance journalism was an IT manager with a prominent building society where he managed one of the largest Unisys mainframe installations in the world.

Since moving into journalism and IT consultancy in 1994, Dave has produced many thousands of business networking product reviews which have been reproduced globally. He currently writes hands-on reviews for a wide range of respected IT publications and web sites which include PC Pro (www.pcpro.co.uk) – the highest circulating IT magazine in the UK - and its sister title, IT Pro (www.itpro.co.uk).

Dave also writes for SC Magazine UK, Network Computing, Channel Pro, PC Authority (Australia), StorAge, Computing Security and Green IT. He has also had reviews published in many other titles including The Times, Techworld, Trustedreviews, Network Computing, IT Week, PC Plus, Personal Computer World and Amazon.

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Dr. Carole Mitchell B.Sc. (Hons) DPhil., Business Development Manager
Carole gained her honours degree and doctorate in experimental psychology at Sussex University. Working for many years in one the UK’s largest and most respected academic institutions, Carole’s research for her doctorate has included both teaching undergraduate students and running numerous experimental tests.

Together with an in depth knowledge of experimental design, data analysis and statistics she also has a comprehensive understanding of the practical and logistical problems inherent in many testing scenarios.

Following completion of her doctorate Carole was retained as a Research Fellow at Sussex University and frequently conducted projects for large multi-nationals which required developing and verifying new testing methods and involved hundreds of participants.

Along with extensive project and people management skills, Carole brings a scientific methodology and approach to the techniques, design and procedures employed by Binary Testing. She has extensive experience with a range of analytical tools allowing her to structure and apply industry recognised testing paradigms.

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Ian Parsons, Chief Technician and Software Developer
A systems programmer with over 40 years of experience, Ian brings an unparalleled skill set to Binary Testing. He has worked in a wide range of business environments including data processing bureaus, insurance companies and public utilities sectors. He has managed large projects such as invoicing, stock control, insurance, accounting systems and data conversion plus hardware and software performance evaluations.

Ian has an in-depth knowledge of key programming and scripting languages which include COBOL, C, C#, Visual BASIC, Informix 4GL, Assembler, PHP, Javascript, VBScript and Perl. He is well versed in a range of operating systems including Windows, UNIX, VRX, VME and NetWare and his database administrative and programming skills extend to Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Informix, MySQL and IDMS.

Ian developed Binary Testing’s data deduplication tests and his software development skills allow Binary Testing to offer a unique range of testing services to vendors that can be customized to their requirements. Along with systems analysis and multi-user systems design, Ian is also an experienced web designer and has recently worked on projects such as mobile phone game sales and specialist sound archives.

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When we need our software releases test driving we know that Binary Testing will provide us with a thorough and impartial report. Investing in the services the lab provides has proved to be as valuable for marketing purposes as any magazine advert.
Chris Lovesey,
Marketing Manager, NetSupport Ltd